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Why RoamEO Is Better Than The Tagg GPS Tracker
GPS Dog Collar

RoamEO vs TAGG The Pet Finder/ Spotlite the GPS Finder

When you buy a Roameo Pet Monitoring System it is ready to go right out of the box.  There is no monthly fee. You have a handheld receiver that tracks your dog and shows you exactly where he is.  There are two other compaines that make cheaper GPS tracking devices for your dog.  They are TAGG the pet finder, and SpotLite GPS pet locator.  The small GPS receivers, that fit on your dogs collar, made by these companies will only runs you about $100.  The cost is much cheaper but there are a few disadvantages buying the Tagg or Spotlite.  First you have to pay a montly fee and sign a contract just like a cell phone.  So in the long run paying the monthly fee, for the Tagg pet finder and Spotlite GPS tracker, will end up costing you more than the Roameo.  The service will track your dog on your compter or smart phone. You have to call the service so they can track your dog.  If you are in an area with no cell phone service, it will not do you any good.  The service uses Google earth to map where your dog is.  If you are in an area with no roads or landmarks it won't be able to show you where your dogs location is.  Another disadvantage, what if you don't have a smart phone and you can only see where your dog is on your computer.   When you go to that location there is no guarantee your dog will still be in that location. Another disadvantage is if your dog doesn't escape often you are paying for a service your not even using. When your dog escapes just pick up the RoamEO receiver and you can go find your dog.  The RoamEO shows location, and direction, in real time so you know exactly where the pet is at all times. There is no monthly fee with the roamEO.  You don't need cell phone service to track your dog.  The Roameo is only $199.  You will spend that in just four months if you go with the Tagg pet tracker or the Spotlite GPS dog tracker.  The RoamEO is far and away the most affordable GPS tracking  unit on the market.


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