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Underground Fences
Train & Track Your Dog With One GPS & Training Collar
The Only Training And Tracking Collar On The Market!

GPS dog collar
The SportDog TEK V1LT

Keep Your Dog In Your Yard And Never Ruin The View With An Underground Fence
Innotek Ultrasmart Contain & Train Dog Fence
Underground Fence
Do You Need To Keep Your Dog In Your Yard And Train Him To Obey Your Commands?  Keep Your Dog Safe And Well Behaved With This Two In One Pet Fencing And Remote Training System.  Finally You Can Get A Dog Containment System PLUS A 150 Yard Remote Dog Training Collar All In One!
PetSafe Underground Cat Fence
Underground Fence

Here Kitty, Kitty-Where Are You?  He's Safe At Home With A Petsafe Underground Cat Fence-The First And Only Underground Cat Fence.  A Reliable And Safe Underground Fence Made Just For Your Cat.
SportDog Underground Electric Dog Fence
Underground Fence
Powerful Enough To Cover Up To 100 Acres Of Land!  Whether Your Dog Hunts, Trails Or Is Just A Full Time Companion, This Underground Dog Fence Provides Freedom And Safty For $1,000's Less Than Conventional Fencing.  Safe And Effective For Dogs Over 10lbs.
PetSafe Yard And Park Dog Training Collar
Pet Fence

If Your Dog Takes Off Chasing The Neighbors Cat, Bolts After A Rabbit, Or Just Disappears Into The Woods Then This Is The Training Collar For You.  Keep Your Canine Buddy In Line.  Plus It's Rechargeable!
Innotek Rechargeable Underground Dog Fence
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Innotek Standard Contain and Train Dog Fence
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Innotek Standard Electric Dog Fence
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Innotek UltraSmart Contain and Train Dog Fence
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PetSafe Deluxe Radio Fence Without Wire and Flags
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PetSafe Deluxe Small Dog Fence
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PetSafe Deluxe Underground Pet Fence
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PetSafe Standard Radio Fence Without Wire and Flags
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PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence
PetSafe Stubborn Dog Radio Fence Without Wire and Flags
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PetSafe Stubborn Dog Underground Fence
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PetSafe Ultrasmart Underground Dog Fence
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Petsafe Underground Cat Fence
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PetSafe Underground Dog Fence
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SportDog Underground Electric Dog Fence
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PetSafe Electronic Dog Fencing and Innotek Underground Dog Fencing are a very effective way to keep your dog in your yard and are very safe and do not harm your pet.
With an underground dog fence your dog can be contained, with a hidden dog fence, you decide exactly where you want to build your pet fence on your property without having to pay the expensive cost of a chain link fence or wooden fence.  The best thing about an underground dog fence is it won’t obstruct your view around your property.  But remember an underground pet fence is very effective in keeping  your animals in your yard but it won’t stop other animals from entering  your property.
Another advantage of an underground pet fence is you can create off limits areas within the boundries of the main underground fence, such as a pool, landscaped sections of your yard or a garden area. You can also use your underground dog fence to separate your front yard from your back yard. You can then choose which area of your dog fence to allow your dog into. If your pet is inadvertently let out the front door he will still be safely contained in your yard.
Installation of an underground pet fence is easy! The wire boundary of your dog fence can be installed in virtually any configuration for your yard. The wire for your dog fence can be installed underground or above ground with the use of Sod Staples. You choose the installation design for your electronic dog fence that is best for you and your pet.
Most underground pet fence systems consist of three components:

  • A transmitter
  • Underground wiring
  • A lightweight receiver worn on your pet's collar

The wire for your underground fence starts in the transmitter, loops around your yard and ends in the transmitter.  The underground pet fence transmitter emits an electronic charge that your dog will recognize keeping your pet in your yard.  The transmitter must be mounted in a dry location and plugged into an electrical outlet.  Most underground fence systems come with either a standard or deluxe transmitter, with the main differences being how much area each can cover and the correction options.
The buried wire is just that -- a single strand of insulated wire. It makes a big loop from the transmitter around your property and back to the transmitter. You need to bury the wire 1 to 3 inches below the surface of your yard. Although the system still works if the wire is not buried, the probability of the lawn mower cutting the wire or someone tripping over it is 100% if you do not bury it.
Most basic underground or wireless pet fence kits come with a 500 foot roll of 18 gauge multi-stranded wire, wire nuts and a wire fastener. The 500 foot roll of wire is sufficient for about 1/2 acre of land.
You should also know that when laying the wire around your yard, you can also enclose swimming pools, vegetable or flower gardens, or any other area that you don't want your pet to access.
Your underground dog fence or wireless pet fence kits come with one waterproof, lightweight receiver dog collar.  For each pet that you wish to keep within the boundaries, you must purchase an additional receiver dog collar.

How It Works

The idea behind all underground pet fencing regardless of the manufacturer is the same. In all of these systems the transmitter uses the buried loop of wire to broadcast a radio signal.  The buried wire acts as an antenna and turns the signal into electromagnetic waves.
The underground fence transmitter does not use a lot of power, so the signal around the wire has a very small range -- perhaps 10 or 15 feet. In some systems the wire has two signals running through it -- one at low power and one at a higher power. In these systems the collar can detect different distances from the wire to provide different levels of correction.  Some systems will emit a sound as your pet approaches the boundary of the pet fence before sending the correction signal.
When underground pet fence dog collar gets close enough to the buried wire, it receives the signal that the wire transmits. The dog collar triggers a correction so your dog knows it is nearing the boundary.

The Correction

An underground pet fence is basically a psychological device. It cannot harm your pet. In fact, underground pet fences often have no deterrent value at all unless combined with training. You need to teach your pet where the boundary is, and inform your pet that going past the boundary is bad. Once you establish the rules, the collar is there to remind your pet not to cross the line. 
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