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Which GPS Tracking Devise Best Fits Me

            There are only 5 companies that make GPS dog tracking devices.  We will explain the advantages of each one.  The 5 GPS dog tracking devices are the RoamEO Dog Monitoring System, the Astro 320 DC 40, The SportDog V1LT and V1L, the Tagg, and the Zoomback.  We only offer the best GPS tracking systems on this website.

            The RoamEO is the most affordable GPS tracking device on the market.  It is a great product!  The RoamEO has no monthly fee and is ready to use right out of the box.  It is an excellent GPS tracking device if you live in the city, but it works great in the country.  The RoamEO tracking collar has no antenna sticking up and is very owner friendly.  The collar is adjustable to fit any size dog and is water resistant.  The collar does not fit very little dogs.  The RoamEO is a directional GPS tracking device. The RoamEO is very easy to use. It works by going outside and your turn in a circle.  When you are pointing in the direction of your dog it will give you distance and direction.  Just keep it pointed in the right direction and it will lead you directly to your lost dog.  It has a 7-mile range.  The RoamEO has a rechargeable battery that will last about 24 hours.  We recommend buying an extra battery.  The RoamEO does not give you a detailed map of your dog’s location.  The RoamEO comes with a receiver, collar, battery charger, and a battery.  The RoamEO is only licensed to be sold in the U.S.A.


            The Astro 320 DC 40 is the most advanced GPS dog-tracking device on the market today.  It is the Cadillac of GPS tracking devices.  It was specifically designed for hunting dogs.  The Astro 320 DC 40 works anywhere in the world.  If you live in a region with a lot of forests and mountains this is the tracking device for you.  The DC 40 tracking collar is very durable.  Your dog can swim, roll in mud, or travel through thick brush and it won’t hurt the DC 40 GPS dog collar.  It has a 13-mile range.  The Astro 320 comes with a very detailed map and gives you a bird’s eye view of your location.  You can download maps of your area if you want an even more detailed map.  It’s so easy, just take the Astro outdoors and turn on the handheld transmitter to acquire the GPS signal.  Then attach the DC 40 dog collar to your dog.  Now you’re ready to turn him loose- no other setup required.  No monthly fee.  The Astro can track 10 dogs at once.  The new easy to use interface allows you to mark where your truck or lodge is so it is easy to find your way home.  The Astro 320 comes with a receiver, transmitter collar, battery and battery charger.  The battery lasts about 17 hours.  The Astro 320 DC 40 is the most expensive GPS tracking device on the market but it is worth every cent.


            The SportDog TEK series is a very high quality GPS tracking device for a medium price.  The SportDog Tek V1L is just like the Astro 320 but with fewer features.  It offers a detailed map of your dog’s location and has a very easy to use interface.  The Sportdog Tek series works great if you live in a city area with a lot of tall buildings. It is also recommended if you live in a heavily forested area or mountainous regions.  The TEK series has a 10-mile range and can track up to 10 dogs at once. The SportDog Tek series comes with a receiver, transmitter collar, battery and battery charger.  The battery lasts about 20 hours. The SportDog TEK V1L is an excellent product for its medium price.


            There is nothing on the market like the SpotDog TEK V1LT.  It is the only device available on the market that will train and track your dog at the same time.  It has a stimulation and GPS tracking collar all in one unit.  Track your dog using GPS and train him from a long distance.  The SportDog V1LT is getting great reviews.  It is easy to use and has all the GPS tracking features as the V1L.  There is no monthly fee and is ready to use right out of the box.

            The TAGG The Pet Finder and SpotLite GPS dog tracker GPS tracking devices are best for very small dogs.  The tracking unit is about the size of a small box of matches.  It fits onto your dogs existing dog collar.  The disadvantage of these products is it requires a monthly fee to operate.  Another disadvantage is you can only track your lost dog by calling up the service and they track your dog by using your computer or smart phone.  The service will provide you with an address of your dog’s location.  This will not benefit you if you live in the country where there are no roads or addresses.  Also if you don’t own a smart phone you can see the location of your dog in real time.  On your computer using goggle maps you can see where you lost dog is. There is no guarantee that your dog will be in the same location you last saw him on your computer.  Most GPS dog collars don’t work on really small dog so we only recommend these products if you own a very small dog
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