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Which Dog Training Collar Is Best For Me

Which training collar is the best fit for you?  Good question.  We will attempt to help you make a decision on which training collar will work best for you.  First of all, you can ask four different people which is the best training method to use for your dog and get four different answers.  Every dog is different and every training situation is not the same. Training collars are used to modify bad behavior of you pet.  For example, if your pet consistently gets into the trash, keeps digging up the yard, or just barks too much.  The training collar will modify his bad behavior. 

            There are four different types of training devices.  A stimulation collar (we don’t like to use the word shock collar, so we won’t say shock collar, but that is how a stimulation collar works), spray collars, vibration collars, and ultrasonic training devices.


 The stimulation collar is the most effective way of training your dog.  When your dog is in the act of bad behavior you remotely stimulate the collar telling your dog this behavior is not acceptable.  With all training methods praise your dog when he performs the correct behavior.  Most dogs catch on quickly with a stimulation-training device.  The stimulation collar will not hurt your dog if used properly. The stimulation collar can be set to different levels of intensity.  If your dog continues his bad behavior ramp up the intensity one level.  Start on the lowest level of intensity and work your way up. Do not use a stimulation collar if you have a very aggressive dog.  It could back fire and make an aggressive dog more aggressive.  A spray collar works best with aggressive dogs.


Spray collars are more acceptable for those who do not want to use a stimulation collar.  Spray collars usually take more time to correct bad behavior. It works on any size dog. It works by spraying a safe, harmless environmentally safe citronella spray in your dogs face when he misbehaves.  Dogs do not like to get sprayed in the face.  The spray breaks their attention and that is how it corrects bad behavior.  Always praise your dog when he behaves correctly.  The spray collar is good for aggressive dogs.  The spray collar is also the best training method if your dog is deaf or hard of hearing.   The Innotek Spray Remote training collar also emits a tone when it sprays further distracting your dog.

The vibration collar is another method of training your dog.  The vibration collar takes more time and attention to correct bad behavior.  The vibration collar is better for dog trainers who have a lot of experience training dogs.  There are not too many vibration collars on the market.


Ultrasonic training devices work by emitting a high pitched sound that the human ear cannot hear when your dog misbehaves.  Ultrasonic devices are good with dogs that bark too much.  The advantage of ultrasonic devices is you can use one with out having a special collar.  The Innotek indoor bark control or the PetSafe outdoor bark control and devices you can just set down where you want to stop your dogs barking behavior.  The disadvantage of using an ultrasonic device is they don’t always work.  Some dogs it will work with and some dogs it will not work with.  Ultrasonic training devices are the kindest way of changing your dog’s bad behavior.

The nice thing about any of these training collars is once you have corrected your dog’s bad behavior you can put the training collar away and enjoy a well-behaved dog.

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