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A RoamEO Pet Monitor System
A RoamEO Pet Monitor System
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The RoamEO is a great GPS dog tracking device at an awesome price.  And it just gets better.  No monthly fees, no subscription fees and no contract.  The RoamEO is ready to use right out of the box!  Never lose your pet again.  The Roameo is super easy to use.   Locate the direction  of your pet instantly with the RoamEO receiver. The Roameo will tell you the distance and direction of your lost pet.  It's easy to track him down.  The RoamEO GPS collar adjusts to fit any size dog.  Extra batteries and collars are also available. You can track up to 2 dogs at once.  We recomend buying an extra battery.  The battery is like a cell phone battery and should be charged on a regular basis.   The RoamEO has a range of a 1/2 mile or 500 acres.  Each kit includes a receiver, GPS dog collar, battery charger and a battery.

Dogs will be dogs and your loyal friend can be distracted by many temptations urging him away from home or camp. With the RoamEO Pet Monitor System, your dog can do those things that dogs do and you will always have the peace of mind of knowing where to find your friend and bring him back at the end of the day.  

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